Friday, February 22, 2013

Do You Shop on Amazon?

What a silly question, of course you do! We all do! We're prime members, so we shop there fairly often and I have a lot of little boxes with that cute little smile on it. Let's face it, Amazon has great stuff, and usually at a good price.

We signed up as affiliates on Amazon to help bring Viktors home! When you shop on Amazon via our link, we can earn 7% of your sale and it'll go straight into our adoption fund! How cool is that?!?!?!

So, hop on over to Amazon and do some shopping and help bring Viktors home to his forever family! That's killing 2 birds with one stone. (But I don't condone killing birds with stones, so don't call the PETA people.)

I even put a cute little Amazon button over on the right side of the blog, so when you're ready to shop, you can just click straight on there and shop away! Thanks for your support on this journey and happy shopping! 

Hope you see lots of these cute Amazon smile boxes on your doorstep soon! 

~ Paula 

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