Friday, October 21, 2011

A little food for thought...

Amen. ~Paula

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

I posted this on our homeschool blog a couple months ago and I really want to put it here too (and well, it is my blog, so here it is).

This is too sweet not to share and have here on our blog forever.

Zoe loves the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?" Just last night, she crawled up on the couch and started "reading" it out loud. It was the cutest thing ever. I captured it today on video b/c it's too good not to. She's such a joy!

Lots o' Learnin' going on here at the Sloan house. Hard to believe this sweet girl has only been with us 7 short months.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Field Trip to Parker Pioneer Homestead

Lots of learning going on while on a super-awesome field trip to to Harrisburg, Arkansas to visit Parker Pioneer Homestead!

We took off in Jewel's 12-passenger van (I secretly LOVE that thing!) and headed across the Mighty Mississippi and into Arkansas. Look at this van full of kiddos!

It was a fun and VERY educational day. I have to admit that it made me thankful for the modern conveniences we take for granted everyday - even as much as I hate doing laundry, I can appreciate that I don't have to hand-wash it and run it through a ringer!

The kiddos thought that was really fun; I don't think they would think that was fun if we had to do that all the time though.

However, it did make me wish that we lived in a simpler time.

It was a fun visit and I really felt like I stepped back in time a couple hundred years.

P.S. this will be posted on both our family blog and our homeschool blog. :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Last night was the first night of the Memphis Empowered to Connect Post-Adoption Class. I have volunteered to head up the childcare while the parents are in their classes. The Empowered to Connect Class is a training designed specifically from Dr. Karyn Purvis' book: The Connected Child. I am so excited that we are equipped with ETC trained leaders here in Memphis. The Ottinger's story and hearts for the orphan and adopted families never ceases to blow me away. They are fearlessly leading a class of adults - all with adopted kiddos through this class for the next 9 weeks.

While the adults were in class, I (and 2 other amazing leaders) got to hang out with 14 of the most awesome kids EVER! These kiddos are incredible! I know I'll leave this 10 weeks more changed than they will. I have to admit, my breath caught in my chest for a second tonight. Here I was in a room filled with children of every color; some from here in the US and some from other parts of the world. Children who know family means love and not genes or blood type. Some of these children come from hard places and struggle daily as they learn to heal and how to be a family together. Children who look nothing alike - children who have only been siblings just a few short months - staying close by to comfort their newest sibling and making her feel secure and at ease in this new environment. Children who look at the child beside them and say, "I'm from China, where are you from?" as they play with cars on the floor. Children who sit together and draw flags to represent their birth-countries, so proud to announce where they were born. These kids get it. These kids don't complicate things the way we adults tend to do.

For a second, I imagined that is what Heaven must look like. This is real-life, every nation, tribe and tongue. For a second, I seriously considered if I should take my shoes off because this must be holy ground. I am so thankful I get a little peek of that here on earth.

One little family touched my heart in big ways. There are two biological children and a new adopted sister from Bulgaria at age 6 - just home this summer - she is right in between her big brother (7) and little sister (4). The littlest sister stayed close to her new sister, comforting her and sticking close in case she needed her. She showed her where her snack was and her drink and sat close to her as they ate together. When they were playing play-doh together, she moved her chair closer to her sister to help her. The big brother came by and looked after both of his little sisters - checking in on them pretty regularly. At one point - when the other children were talking about where they were from - he announced proudly: "My sister is from Bulgaria!" He was so proud to announce his sister's birth-country. They were the sweetest kids. I came home and told my hubby all about this little girl and how she touched my heart.

I love that I get to be a part of this. I love that God shows me big things through these amazing kids. I feel like my eyes were opened a bit wider tonight - praying that I continue to see more clearly.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lake Forest Ranch Labor Day Family Escape

This is the 2nd year we've gone to Lake Forest Ranch for the Labor Day Family Escape. It is a great weekend away with the family without all the distractions that a busy life brings. It's so beautiful there in the middle of the pine forest. We had Family Worship, recreation, games, Bible study and a lot more. It was fabulous!