Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Viktors' Life Verse

I've been praying for God to show me a verse for Viktors - a verse for me to pray over him and into his life. I've been thinking over a few over the past week or so, but hadn't really come up with one I just knew I wanted to claim for him. That is, until today. 

This afternoon, I was on the phone with Shelley, Viktors' host mom from last summer. Their family loved him so deeply and unconditionally and with everything in them. I loved hearing her heart for this boy that we share. Oh, how she loved him and knew they would not adopt him, but chose to love him like crazy anyway (even though she knew it would hurt when he left - and it did).  This is the Gospel in the flesh.  

When Shelley and I were talking today, she was telling me about the day Viktors left. They were taking a 2 week vacation in Hilton Head and Viktors was leaving after 1 week there. They were all saying goodbye to Viktors - hugging him, telling him they loved him, and at the very last second as Viktors was climbing into the car, their little four year old daughter (adopted from Bulgaria) hollers out (yes, I say holler - we're in the South!): "Nothing is impossible!" It was the last thing he heard before he left. Shelley said it so clearly today when she said, 'that's just one orphan to another. Giving him hope!' As we both sat silent on the phone in that moment, both crying, and soaking in the truth of those words, God spoke to me. This is what I'm supposed to be praying for him in his life. 

With man this is impossible, but with
God all things are possible.

- Matthew 19:26

This is so true for his whole story. He could just be another one of the 147 million orphans. He could go back to Latvia and just come to America at Christmas and during the summers. He'd age out of the system and be out on his own in a few years, but God's writing a different story. And Hallelujah to that because with God all things are possible!

From ORPHAN to SON - with Him this is possible. 
From ABANDONED to CHOSEN - with Him this is possible. 
From ALONE to FAMILY - with Him this is possible. 

Will you join us in praying that with God all things are possible into Viktors' life? We're believing that for him - as he comes here this summer to be with us, pray that God would move every foreseeable (and unforeseeable) mountain to Viktors being here forever.

I have to admit, I need to claim this verse around this whole situation. Viktors' hosting fees are $3,200 - his adoption fees are close to $30,000. But we know that with God all things are possible! We're going to believe it - and trust Him for every bit of it.

If you are not currently adopting or hosting a child, would you consider helping us bring Viktors home?  You can donate right HERE and all the money goes straight to New Horizons for Viktors hosting fees.  (Your donations are tax deductible.) Thank you for your prayers and support on this journey - we can feel your prayers - keep 'em coming!

Love y'all, 

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