Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hosting Fees Almost Fully-Funded!

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. - John 14:18

The love of the Father for his children never ceases to amaze me. I am so thankful that He is in control and I am not. He's moving some pretty big mountains on behalf of our Viktors and I stand in awe of what He's doing for this boy on the other side of the ocean. There's been some major miracles in his story and we're so thankful for God's sweet reminder that He's got this! I am being constantly reminded that HE loves Viktors even more than I do!

Many of you know we've chosen Viktors' Life Verse  and that is proving to be so true for the life of this boy and his BIG God story.

As of right now, we are 77% funded for Viktors' Summer Hosting fees! We just have $750 to go and his hosting will be fully-funded! I am so thankful to God for how He's working through His people on behalf of this amazing boy.

You can donate to Viktors' hosting fees HERE! 

Once we're done raising his hosting fees, we'll be able to start working on our home-study update and getting our paperwork going with our adoption agency. We are wanting to minimize Viktors' time back in Latvia after his summer hosting. We know how important every day with our children really is and we've already missed so much of his life, we want him home as quickly as possible.

Some of you might be wondering why hosting costs so much money. Here is an approximate breakdown of the hosting fees when hosting from New Horizons for Children.

Child's Travel Expenses (airfare, transport)$1700
Medical insurance$100
Portion of Chaperone Expenses (Insurance, airfare, stipend)$400
Interview Trip$50
Safety Visit$100
Total$2,950 per child *

Additional money is needed for connecting-flights and a small portion goes to the fundraising site, Active. Active sends the money straight to New Horizons for Children and that allows your donations to be tax-deductible since New Horizons is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

If you are not currently hosting a child or in the process of an adoption, would you please consider being part of Viktors' journey home? You can donate right HERE and your donation will go straight to his hosting fees. Thanks to the many who have already been part of Viktors' miracle story; we appreciate each of you and we thank God for your generosity. There are so many of you praying for Viktors and for our family - thank you! We covet those prayers; keep them coming.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. Blessings to each of you!

~ Paula

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