Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hair cuts

Friday night we were at the Overton football game with some church friends and Michael noticed that Robert's hair looked funny. He looked at me and said "Did we PAY for that haircut?" "Yeah", I said casually and resumed my conversation with my friend. He quickly replied, "Paula, seriously, have you SEEN Robert's hair?" "Uh, I guess not", I said. Michael calls Robert over and much to my horror, I notice that the front ~2 inches are missing from the front of his head. It was like hair, no hair, hair. Huh. How did that happen? How did I miss that?

So the convo goes something like this:

Me: "Robert, did you cut your hair?"
Robert: "Yes" (in a cool, calm, matter of fact voice)
Me: "When?"
Robert: "Today?"
Me: "When today? and "where were you?"
Robert: "this afternoon in the school room"
Me: "Why would you do that?"
Robert: "It was too long and it needed a trim"
Me: "And you thought you were qualified to do that?"
Robert: "yes and I think it looks better now"
Me: "REALLY?... well, it doesn't... you look like a goober."
Robert: "oh, am I in trouble?"
Me: "no, but you are going to need a haircut tomorrow"
Robert: "cool. Can dad buzz it?"

Now I have to say that I have never had the boys' hair buzzed. I like the little boy scissor cut... but I sucked it up and said okay to this request. After the game friday night, we came home with tired kiddos, so a daddy haircut was slated for Saturday afternoon.

And so the "big boy haircut" begins...
Seriously, Robert, what were you thinking?
Daddy working his hair cutting magic
Starting to look better already.
Whew! That boy had a lot of hair!

And you know if big brother gets a haircut, then little brother needs one too! Oh, boy! The second one grows up so much faster than the first!

Andrew's big haircut too...
he held his breath most of the time... he does not like hair in his mouth.
Daddy giving Andrew a trim.

Thanks Daddy for giving these boys haircuts! They look great and the price was awesome!

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  1. Paula LOL - thanks for a amusing post! I really needed the smile today (have a sick little boy here). Loved the comment 'Did we pay for his haircut?' sounds just like my DH would say.