Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Andrew and the case of the missing glasses...

Today was filled with drama. Seriously, from 8:30AM, there was drama. "He pushed the button on the microwave and wouldn't let me cook my own breakfast" to "I can't get my socks out of my drawer" to "I can't find my glasses". It's not like any of these things were a big deal, but from the shouting, the crying, the whining, the slouching, the throwing oneself into the floor, it became a big deal. The biggest deal today was Andrew's missing glasses. All morning, we were on the lookout for them. The house is actually clean, so there weren't many places they could be. We looked and looked with no luck. I knew we were heading out to Shelby Farms to meet some friends around 10 and I'd hoped to get some school done before we went. That's what I get for having a plan, right?!?! UGH!

Robert and I paired up with Andrew and set out to search for his missing glasses. We looked everywhere we could think of. I wasn't home last night when they came in for dinner and baths and bed (I was at a meeting), so I couldn't vouch for whether or not he'd brought them in. We looked under the trampoline (we found a dead mouse there.... likely our cat, Timmy killed him, but no glasses), we looked on the swingset and the big swing, in the shower, in his bed; we literally looked everywhere.

The time came when I REALLY needed to get some school done with Robert and I was DONE looking for the missing specs. Andrew threw himself on the ground and cried b/c we "wouldn't help" him and we "didn't care". I just had to walk away at that point. I later explained that I do, indeed, care and I did help, but it was wasting my school day and we had things to do and he was holding me up.

Well, he didn't find them before we had to go to the park, so off we went without them. We were at Shelby Farms for a little over 3 hours. We had a great time with our friends. When our dustballs- err- I mean kids came home they were so covered in dirt, that I sent them straight to the shower. When they got out, Andrew was sent to keep searching for the missing glasses, and Robert and I hit the school room to get some work done. 3 hours later, we've covered article adjectives, solving for the unknown and practiced spelling words and our Bible verse, but Andrew still hasn't found his glasses.

I told him I didn't care anymore. He needed new ones anyway and daddy would be home soon and he could deal with it, but the glasses drama consumed my day. I made something crafty... my halloween sign for the fireplace. It put me in my happy place.

Michael came home and could tell I was overwhelmed. We chatted and he set off to find Andrew's glasses. Literally 5 minutes later, he came in with glasses in hand. I seriously think I'm married to a superhero! For the record, they were under the 2 seater swing on the swingset on the ground. The grass is high there and none of us saw them, but daddy came home and saved the day!

I hope tomorrow is better and has less drama. Here's a pic of my crafty Halloween sign that helped take my mind off of all the dramatic crying, whining and missing glasses. I think it turned out pretty stinkin' cute.

And here is what my Superhero husband looks like at the end of a long day. Even superheroes get worn out sometimes...

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