Monday, October 4, 2010

Funny things my kids said today...

Tonight the boys were in the shower and I was putting things away in the school room. I heard this conversation between Robert (7) and Andrew (5):

Robert: "Andrew, guess what I heard on the radio one time?"
Andrew: "What?"
Robert: "I heard that Barack Obama's mama was a llama"
Andrew: "Seiously???"
Robert: "Yeah, wouldn't that be funny if the President of the United States had a llama for a mama?"
Andrew: "That's crazy!"

After dinner, I asked Andrew (5) to take the clothes out of the washer and to put them in a laundry basket. This is a chore I give him on a pretty regular basis. This is one chore he can do all by himself and let's face it, he's the shortest, so he doesn't have to bend down to get the clothes. As Andrew is pushing that basket down the hallway, he says: "I really need to teach Robert how to take the clothes out of the dryer!" Why do it yourself when you can teach someone else to do it, right? A boy after my own heart!

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