Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dance Your Heart Out, Sweet Seoul Sister!

Zoe had her first dance recital this past Saturday. She started dancing in the fall at the local dance studio. Her class is all 3-4 year old girls and Zoe is the youngest in the class. She loves dance class and does so well, but the few times we've got to watch, it's made her nervous and she didn't dance. 

We had been talking about the upcoming recital and last week was busy with a lot of rehearsals, so we hoped that we had prepared her enough for it. 

We were in the 2:00 recital (her naptime) and their first dance was the 3rd one, so we basically got there and had to immediately line up. 

Her first dance was tap to the Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party song. She started out okay, but about 1/2 way through she froze and didn't dance for the rest of it. 

"Shine your shoes, slick your hair, come along with me! 

It's Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party, that's the place to be."

and it's about right here that she froze. 

and she just stood there for the rest of the song.
I was in my seat praying she would dance and not burst into tears.

She was clearly over it. D.O.N.E.

I wasn't sure she was going to walk off the stage... but she did.
She broke into tears the second she stepped off the stage! 

We had about 4 numbers to get her changed into her ballet outfit and pull her together for her next dance. As frustrated as I was, I kept my cool and promised her Yogurt Mountain if she danced. (This mama is NOT past bribing!) I told her I wanted to see her dance with her friends and I knew she could do it! We re-applied her make-up, pulled her hair into a bun and ran off to get in line. I was praying the whole way down those stairs.

She went out on stage and I was unsure of how this was going to go...

and she DANCED! 

And she did a GREAT JOB! 

She was such a beautiful ballerina... 

and knew all the steps!

It's been so sweet to see this group of girls grow, and
learn together this  year.

they all did such a fantastic job. 

And looked lovely on their big day. 

I loved their little costumes. I love how Zoe kept really good form!
Her feet are in a beautiful first position. 

They danced to The Flower Song from Alice in Wonderland.

They were beautiful little flowers. 

They look so tiny on that big stage. 

It's really amazing how well they did! 

My mommy heart was filled with joy to see my little girl on
that stage and dancing so well! 

I was so proud of these girls, but especially my girl! She
really is a remarkable little lady! 

And they came out at the end for the Grande Finale! 

Let them praise his name with dancing! ~Psalm 149:3 

~ Paula

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